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ILISA is a collection for girls that features dresses for ceremonies, communion and other special occasions.

After seventeen years of selling different labels and brands of ceremonial clothes for girls in our shop TARATATA, we saw  there was a need for a new, sophisticated and elegant style that we couldn't find anywhere on the market. Therefore we started our own ceremony label ILISA in 2016. 

This label is designed exclusively for our shop TARATATA Rijksweg 158, 3630 Maasmechelen (Belgium). It is produced in Belgium, so that makes ILISA a 100% made in Belgium product! By working this way we  also help the climate a bit, because we don't use carton boxes and no plastic hangers. 

We are proud to present you our eigth and latest collection, ILISA, named after our lovely daughter Isa-Li, which is characterized by its original and sophisticated backs. We work together with the creative brain of Nicky Vankets, a famous Belgian designer. ILISA is the result of both our creative minds blending together. 

Exclusivity is a priority in this collection! Prices start from €429  up to €499 for a 'Silver Line' dress, €519 up to €719 for a 'Gold Line' dress. For the 'Diamond Line'/ 'Limited Edition' dresses, pricing starts at €769 up to ...

We also create 'tailor-made' dresses in all sizes as well, from 18 months to adult.

We also sell another pretty ceremony collection starting from €209 up to €379.

We hope you'll see your beautiful daughter beam with pride, wearing one of our creations from this  ILISA collection.

Lisianne Monnissen 

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